Are You Looking For An Adventure?

Who We Are

Simply Travelled is a travel blog dedicated to helping people like YOU break the mold. We want to inspire you to question the status quo and get the most out of life!

In short, Simply Travelled encourages people to take a LEAP! – an adult gap year, career break, sabbatical – call it what you will. We’re leading by example and want to motivate you to take 6-months or 1-year out of your daily routine to travel the world and really experience life!

It might sound exciting. Far-fetched. Exhilarating. Unrealistic. And maybe even scary. Believe me, I know – I’ve felt all those same emotions along the way. But NOW is the time! Carpe diem!

No bullshit. Simply decide to do it, plan for it, and make it happen! And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Rob & Kim - Bath time!

Rob & Kim - Bath time!

How We Got Started

We started this crazy adventure back when we met in 2008. I (Kim) am from the US of A and went to Australia, where Rob lived, for a 3-month working holiday. We quickly fell in love and decided to tie the knot that year.

We were living a good life - Rob was working as an IT Professional for over 10 years & I was kicking it in Management with a surf company. We had the best family & friends anyone could ask for. We lived for holidays, and in our spare time, we were either trying to stay fit or feasting like kings.

Life was good!

But still, we knew there was more to this thing called life. So, we threw it all in

(well, not everything - as we still had our investment properties & our dogs waiting for us)

to really start LIVING.

After all, what did we have to lose?

Residing in Australia until 2015, we decided 2016 was our year to explore the world before moving back to the States to be closer to my family. For the first time, we started documenting our journey - to share our tips and mishaps - and to have fun along the way!

So, Who is Kim?

Kim drinking from the golden chalice

Kim drinking from the golden chalice

Kim pens most of the articles and is the primary creative force behind Simply Travelled.

Kim enjoys yoga, Tennessee football (Go Vols!) and playing cards (as long as she’s winning).

Bless her – she’s extremely clumsy! She can’t ride a bicycle (she even used to fall off her tricycle growing up – sad, but true!) and her partner-in-crime, Rob, frequently reminds her that, “walking is not made for everyone.”

Despite her klutzy nature, she believes life is all about balance. Because of this, she sees things from both sides, sometimes contradicts herself, and gets stressed trying to decide what to order off the menu.

She is the queen of awkwardness, and her carefree nature shines through in each interaction. Kim focuses on continuous self-improvement and embraces every second of life!

Meet Rob, Kim's Better Half

Rob checking out the views from the train

Rob checking out the views from the train

Rob is the editor in chief and the director of all things technology.

Rob is not often found without a connection to the digital world (yes, it can be annoying). And I’m certain, he would leave me for his precious iPad if it were possible, haha.

Before a recent knee reconstruction, you could find Rob spiking on the volleyball court or attempting to play basketball. He’s always watched football (Aussie Rules) and is a die-hard Geelong Cats supporter!

Rob is constantly ebbing and flowing between fitness and food on our travels…with food often winning out!

The more analytical part of the dynamic duo, Rob has recently found his love for coffee and enjoys anything from Kopi Luwak to 3-in-1’s.

Rob doesn’t take life too seriously and can often be seen dancing on tables or busting a move on the dance floor!