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We (Simply Travelled) created a fun, informal quiz (nothing too personal) to help ascertain how well couples really know each other. When we first developed the questionnaire and took it ourselves, we were shocked to find out our own results. Haha, plenty left to learn…

On the back of that, we reached out to some of our favourite travel bloggers to find out how well couples on the road really know each other. Have a read and find out for yourself!


Hailing from Norway, Jon and Monica, collectively known as “we,” travel together. Recently travelling to China, they remind us that it’s important to, “Always travel with an open mind, and listen to [the] locals :)” They’re having trouble deciding whether to venture to Mexico or Italy next, primarily because of the food on offer! Jon and Monica love travel so much that they’ve even both been inked with travel inspired tattoos! In their featured image, they were in Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park in Australia. It’s one of few crocodile free waterholes – errr, at least accordingly to the signs 😉

Jon & Monica of "We Travel Together" getting wet in NT, Australia

Jon & Monica of “We Travel Together” getting wet in NT, Australia


Under the little man icon, the first answer is what he thinks for himself. The second answer is what he thinks she would answer.

Vice versa under the little woman icon – the first answer is what he thinks she will answer. The second answer is what she actually answered.

If their answers are aligned, they get a “green tick.” If they differ, they get a “red cross.

We Travel Together Quiz Results

“We Travel Together” Quiz Results

Now you know how well these guys really know each other. If you’d like to take the quiz yourself, shoot us an email and we’ll send it over to you. As always, thanks for reading!

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