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USA Travel Tips: Maximising Your Short Vacation

Looking to maximise your short vacation? Busy Americans need to make the most of every second of their vacation time – which is already much less time than the rest of the world. On average, Americans only have two weeks of holiday time, and let’s face it; most of us spend that amount of time just on Christmas. This means we are forced to have shorter vacations than we would like. However, in a few short days, you can still have an incredible vacation.

Here are our top USA travel tips for making the absolute most of a short trip away!

Don’t Go Too Far!

Of course, traveling to far off places is fantastic, and experiencing different cultures and places is recommended. However, for a long weekend away, you don’t want to spend more time on a plane than off it, plus jet-lag can take a day or so to shake and if you spend your weekend in a sleep deprived daze you are unlikely to have the time of your life.

Don't Go Too Far - USA Travel Tips

Don’t Go Too Far

Plan in Advance!

Scientific studies have actually found that holidaymakers are the happiest when planning and anticipating their upcoming holiday! Take pleasure in planning your trip in advance and take advantage of companies such as Musement, which allows you to find every type of activity you can imagine in the area you are visiting, even if you are after something off the beaten track! It is also helpful to get tickets in advance!

Take it Easy!

It is very easy to overbook your trip with loads of fun activities. However, if you want to make the most of your time, you don’t want to be burnt out from going from one exhausting event to another. Make sure to schedule time to relax and enjoy your vacation, and don’t sweat too much if you don’t see every minuscule detail of your destination.

Take it easy - USA Travel Tips

Take it easy

Get a Tour Guide!

If you want to see the most in the short amount of time that you have on your trip, it can be wise to hire a tour guide. That way, you will have expert wisdom at the palm of your hands, and won’t have to waste any time on insignificant details. That is their job.

Take the Road Less Traveled

People often struggle to get the most from their holidays simply because there are just too many people who’ve had the same idea. This is why it is advised to try and plan your vacation around low seasons or even going to less well known destinations less well-known destinations. This way you won’t be miserable in lines around the block.

Take the road less traveled - USA Travel Tips

Take the road less traveled

Don’t Bring Home With You!

The most common way to make sure that your vacation isn’t all that it should be is if you are constantly working or worrying about things at home that you can’t control. Make sure you know when to turn your phone off and let someone in charge on the other end deal with that stuff.

End Big!

Make sure you save the best for last. Plan the best food, the most exciting excursions, and the most entertaining shows on your last day. This way you have something to look forward to for the end of the trip, and the last memory of your trip is the best and the strongest.

It is a good idea to factor in a relaxing evening or two after long days exploring where you can enjoy a dinner and relax a little. That way you can get the absolute most from your vacation, and enjoy a wide range of different activities.

What are your favorite USA Travel Tips? Share them in the comments below.


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