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How Well Do You Really Know Your Partners?



Ok, so we’ve been married for 8 years, and thought we knew a lot about each other, especially from travelling.

Sure, you spend everyday together – living, working, seeing, doing and sleeping – but do you know their favourite colour? Or their dream car?

So we created a fun, informal quiz (nothing too personal) to help ascertain how well couples really know each other. When we first developed the questionnaire and took it ourselves, we were shocked to find out our own results. Haha, plenty left to learn…

On the back of that, we reached out to some of our favourite travel bloggers to find out how well couples on the road really know each other. Have a read and find out for yourself!

Travel Blogging Couples

Travel Blogging Couples



"A Brit & A Southerner," Chris & Heather enjoying Central Park, NYC

“A Brit & A Southerner,” Chris & Heather enjoying Central Park, NYC

Coming from small towns in England and Arkansas (that’s in the US in case you’re not up on your geography), Chris and Heather enjoy exploring together. Join in their adventures as they traverse the world one weekend at a time! Chris reminds us that it’s important to, “Enjoy every moment while you are on the road because time flies when you are traveling.” Similarly, Heather advises that you should, “Appreciate every opportunity and be present in every moment.” Check out what Chris & Heather know about each other (which apparently isn’t a lot, haha) and what they’ve still got to learn on 1-June.


Vid & Savi enjoying their "Bruised Passports" in Taiwan

Vid & Savi enjoying their “Bruised Passports” in Taiwan

Vid and Savi are both of Indian heritage but currently base themselves in London. Savi gives a simple, yet moving insight on travel, “Human smiles, happiness and tribulations are the same world over.” And I couldn’t agree more! She’s also the one you’ll see walking down the road in mismatched socks (on purpose, of course). Vid reminds us that, “Life is unpredictable – make the best of it while you can.” And so he does, albeit with 10 cups of coffee a day. Together, Vid & Savi have been everywhere and for the places they haven’t yet explored, it’s because they can’t agree on where to go! Now us Aussies are just wondering when they’re gonna make it “Down Under.” Stay posted for the full results of their couples quiz live on 2-June.


Casey & Dan, "A Cruising Couple" having fun in Macau

Casey & Dan, “A Cruising Couple” having fun in Macau

Dan offered some solid relationship advice in saying, “The couple that travels together stays together.” And it’s so true! Sure, you may not always get along or agree on everything, but travelling together expedites the rate at which you need to strengthen your weaknesses which is the key to any successful relationship. Yea, they may not be able to agree on where to go or how to get there but nothing’s gonna tear these lovebirds apart! A Cruising Couple focuses on adventure travel with a dash of class, which is a great combination. Casey reminds us to, “Never get hangry.” And I’m sure if she ever does, like most of us, all that “class” goes out the window. Be sure to see what Dan and Casey already know about each other and what they’ve still got to learn on 3-June.


Rob & Kim are "Simply Travelled" at Kawasan Falls in Moalboal, Philippines

Rob & Kim are “Simply Travelled” at Kawasan Falls in Moalboal, Philippines

Well, well, well, who would have thought the creators of this quiz wouldn’t get a perfect score? Clearly we should get better at rigging these things, haha. Apparently I am clueless about Rob. I guess I need to listen more…which is hard to admit 😉 Like in life, Rob says that with travel, “Things don’t always go to plan.” Embrace it and have fun! I believe that, “Life is exactly what you make of it,” which is why we are totally immersed in travel, culture, food, & meeting new people. Being together 24/7 is great fun though it’s also important to spend time apart, taking time to do your own thing. Be sure to stay posted for the full results of our couples quiz on 6-June.


Gordon & Paula, the "Contented Traveller" relaxing in Bali, Indonesia

Gordon & Paula, the “Contented Traveller” relaxing in Bali, Indonesia

Gordon and Paula have no qualms about where to go, how to get there and what to eat. Though the thought of who to eat with raises a few more questions. Whilst Obama was the original choice, after some discussion, they determined they’d rather sit down with Oprah. After initially scoffing at the thought, Paula’s now keen to tell her that she was amazing in the Color Purple! So whilst she hates to admit it, Paula says that “Sometimes…Gordon is right.” Except when he forgot the “‘s” in their blog name, haha. But it’s ok, as wherever they go, whoever they meet, Gordon says (and I agree) that, “It’s all about serendipity!” Tune in for their full results on 7-June.

LOVE & ROAD – 6/10

Rob & Nat finding "Love & Road" on a pub crawl in Boracay, Philippines

Rob & Nat finding “Love & Road” on a pub crawl in Boracay, Philippines

Meet Rob and Nat, the crazy Brazilians (though Dublin is their second home). They were bitten by the “travel bug” and decided to make a life on the road! Nat knows that, “Everything is possible if you are willing to fight for it.” Except superhero powers, and then they may not have much luck 😉 Throughout their worldly travels Rob has found that, “There are way more good people than bad people in this world!” They love visiting new places and living like the locals. Stay tuned for the results of their couple quiz, live on 8-June.


Tiffany & Christopher enjoying the "Vagabond Way" whilst hiking the 11 day trek in Torres de Paine, Chile

Tiff & Chris enjoying the “Vagabond Way” whilst hiking the 11 day trek in Torres de Paine, Chile

It’s clear to see that Tiffany knows a lot more about Christopher than he knows about her (typical male, haha). They currently spend 6 months a year in Vermont and 6 months exploring, near and far. They are living proof that if you take a chance on life, you’ll never look back! Chris and Tiff love nature and wildlife, so their stories and pictures are always epic adventures. They are both very grounded and prefer travelling the same way, be it bus, train or automobile. They know that sometimes when you’re on the road, you don’t always get the right answer the first time, so be sure to, “ask and ask again, even if you might feel like it will do no good.” And it’s important to, “always ask the locals.” Check out the results of their couples quiz on 9-June.


"Nomad is Beautiful" just like Ivana & Gianni enjoying Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Nomad is Beautiful” just like Ivana & Gianni enjoying Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gianni and Ivana were born in Italy and Slovakia respectively. But since then, they’ve travelled the world regularly. When visiting new places, Ivana notes that we should always, “Be patient and respect other cultures.” They know the importance of fueling your body and mind, and put this into practice with their regular intake of healthy foods, along with yoga and meditation. From his meditative practices, Gianni reminds us it’s crucial to, “Breathe deeply.” Tune in for their full couples quiz results live on 10-June.


Jon & Monica of "We Travel Together" getting wet in NT, Australia

Jon & Monica of “We Travel Together” getting wet in NT, Australia

Hailing from Norway, Jon and Monica, collectively known as “we,” travel together. Recently travelling to China, they remind us that it’s important to, “Always travel with an open mind, and listen to [the] locals :)” They’re having trouble deciding whether to venture to Mexico or Italy next, primarily because of the food on offer! Jon and Monica love travel so much that they’ve even both been inked with travel inspired tattoos! In their featured image, they were in Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park in Australia. It’s one of few crocodile free waterholes – errr, at least accordingly to the signs 😉 Check out their answers from the couples quiz on 13-June.


Jarryd & Alesha being "NOMADasurus"es in Cappadocia, Turkey

Jarryd & Alesha being “NOMADasurus”es in Cappadocia, Turkey

After years of independent travel, they decided to hit the road together in 2008. Being Australian, they shorten everything, including their names, so this duo is better known as Jazza and Lesh. In order to make it work, Lesh advises that, “Patience is key.” And while they may not always agree on who to invite for dinner, Jazza knows it’s important to always, “Trust your instincts.” They don’t accept the status quo, and are always on the lookout for culture and adventure. Still wondering what a NOMADasaurus is? Go scope out their website! Jarryd is the main man behind the words on their site and Alesha pairs them beautifully with her photography skills. Be sure to check in 14-June to see Jazza & Lesh’s full quiz results.

1,000 FIGHTS – 9/10

Luci & Mike "Fighting" in Machu Picchu, Peru

Luci & Mike “Fighting” in Machu Picchu, Peru

Whilst they can’t agree on what Mike’s superhero power would be, they’re not fighting about seeing the world! They make time for each other, so it’s no surprise how well they know one another. Residing in the US of A, they love getting out and exploring the world. Mike and Luci commit to celebrating their anniversary each year in a new destination, away from their kids. Mike recommends to, “Always dig a little deeper into the location [and] learn the story of the place.” While most couples just shove their arguments under the table, Mike and Luci discuss their fights openly. When they’re fighting about luggage space though, Luci never backs down as she believes, “you can never pack enough shoes.” Celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year, I think there’s a lot we can all learn from this candid approach! Stay tuned for their couples quiz results live 15-June.


Hannah & Adam "Getting Stamped" in Egypt

Hannah & Adam “Getting Stamped” in Egypt

Well, Adam and Hannah can agree on most things but they have troubles deciding where to get stamped next! Determining whether to relax on a tropical beach or go on an African Safari are the decisions they face on a regular basis.  In their early 30’s, Hannah and Adam have seen more of the world than most could ever dream of. Throwing in the security of the “American Dream,” to live life on the road, they’re not stopping anytime soon! They believe that a “full passport is a happy passport” and are making it happen. Hannah knows first hand that, “traveling as a couple can be straining on a relationship.” She advises to “take time to be alone when needed even if it’s only on opposite sides of the cafe!” And Adam believes those cafe stops are vital to ensure you “don’t get ‘hangry'” at each other.” Make sure to check back for the full results of their couples quiz on 16-June.


Look at these "Turtles Travel" - Donny & Tamara hanging at the beach in the Bahamas

Look at these “Turtles Travel” – Donny & Tamara hanging at the beach in the Bahamas

OK, so we’re pretty sure these guys cheated on the quiz. Haha, just joking – they’ve been travelling together since 2004, so it’s no wonder they know each other so well! To make it that long, Donny advises that, “You have to laugh, a lot, and don’t take yourself too seriously.” Donny & Tamara were both destined to travel from a young age – now it’s their reality! They enjoy travelling slow so they can explore places the way they’re meant to be seen. Tamara knows that on the road, as in life, you must, “Be open-minded, flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff.” Check out their answers to the couples quiz, live on 17-June.


Nicole, Cam & "Traveling Canuks" kiddos in Sayulita, Mexico

Nicole, Cam & “Traveling Canucks” kiddos in Sayulita, Mexico

If you couldn’t guess by their name, they’re Canadian. I’m sure if you saw them on the street they’d have Canadian flags on their strollers too 😉 But they haven’t always travelled with kids, and Nicole offers this sound advice on it. “When traveling with young kids, it’s important to slow down. Don’t try to travel the way you did before kids. Times have changed, so it’s important to set realistic expectations. Otherwise nobody has any fun, and that defeats the purpose of travel!” They still yearn to see the world, always making it a priority! Cam reminds us that, “The best travel stories are born when things don’t go according to plan. So don’t stress out when plans go sideways, a great story is in the making!” Tune in on 20-June to find out what Cam & Nicole’s responses to the couples quiz were.


"Goats on the Road" - Dariece & Nick at Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

“Goats on the Road” – Dariece & Nick at Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

Meet the Canadian couple, Nick & Dariece, affectionately known as the Goats. We all know that Canadians are well, special, but Nick reminds us that, “Even though we come from different backgrounds, at the core, we’re all the same.” Between their blog, house sitting and teaching English abroad, the Goats have been able to see so much of the world (though we’re still wondering when Australia is planned for). They’ve taken their love for travel to another level and turned it into a lifestyle! These digital nomads constantly inspire us, and they’d love to show you how to live a freer life too. While being in tune with TV and the news, Dariece reminds us, “Don’t believe everything you hear/see in the media.” Be sure to check in to see the Goats full quiz results on 21-June.

Now you know how well your favourite travel bloggers really know each other! If you’d like to take the quiz yourself, shoot us an email at and we’ll send it over to you. As always, thanks for reading!

Live every moment.

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