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Penang Art Street

Have You Checked Out Penang’s Famous Art Street?

Maybe you’ve seen Penang’s Art Street. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it. Either way, check out the fun we had with this free outdoor 3D interactive art gallery!

With mediums ranging from iron structures to large wall murals, be prepared to delight your senses. Pick up Penang’s Art Street location map from your hotel or the tourist information office, or download this one.

While this is by no mean a comprehensive list of the artwork scattered throughout Penang, these are some of the crowd pleasers so along with some of our personal favorites. Let us know which one is your fav!

Sneaky, sneaky…Rob & his new mate trying to sneak into the windows!

Boys will be boys! - Penang Art Street

Boys will be boys!


Hmmm…wonder what’s inside there?

Checking it all out! - Penang Art Street

Checking it all out!


Being dog people, we were quite amused by this number. What a cheeky lil’ cat with so much personality

Just hanging out! - Penang Art Street

Just hanging out!


Hey, two against one hardly seems fair! Push, Robbo, push!

You can do it! - Penang Art Street

You can do it!


How’s Mr. bashful at the back…kisses for all! xxx

Pucker up! - Penang Art Street

Pucker up!


Wondering how to entertain your kids? Get them a pet dinosaur of course. Then they can take him on a walk, play all day & tire themselves out, preparing you for a great night’s sleep.

Happy dinosaur! - Penang Art Street

Happy dinosaur!


Rob’s having too much fun teasing the kids with his yummy tart! Too bad you’re behind bars kiddos…

All mine, sorry! - Penang Art Street

All mine, sorry!


Just shooting some hoops like the greats #Jordan

Slam dunk! - Penang Art Street

Slam dunk!


Delicious! Even though I’m a vegetarian, my dogs still love it when I throw them a bone, much less a steak!

T-bone! - Penang Art Street



Hey mate, jump off, I wanna have a ride!

Vrmmm… - Penang Art Street



Push me! I want to go higher…woo hoo!

Just a swingin' - Penang Art Street

Just a swingin’


If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will! Gotta love playing dress up with grandpa…

Superman! - Penang Art Street



So there you have it, a bit of fun for everyone!

Have you been to Penang’s Art Street? Let us know your favourite piece of art!

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