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Malaysian Dishes

Visiting Malaysia? Make Sure You Try These Must Eat Malaysian Dishes!

Malaysia has a wide variety of foods on offer. With strong Malay, Chinese & Indian roots, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone. Each state has its own specialities.


Here’s a taste of some of our favorite Malaysian dishes we’ve tried over the years to put on your list for your upcoming journey. If you prefer a vegetarian lifestyle be sure to check out our article here.


Beef Rendang Or chicken or lamb. Similar to a curry, we fell in love with this dish on our first trip to Malaysia 7 years ago. The meat simmers with the spices & coconut milk to take on an incredible, juicy flavor
Laksa Sweet & spicy soup combined with fish or prawns
Chicken Rice Balls Rice is cooked with chicken fat and then rolled into golfball sized balls – delicious with a spicy dipping sauce
Delicious Laksa! - Malaysian Dishes

Delicious Laksa!


Mee Goreng Noodles tossed in soy sauce, chili, veggies & eggs with your selection of beef, chicken or shrimp
Nasi Lemak Malaysia’s unofficial national dish, simple yet delicious, rice cooked in coconut milk
Nasi Kandar Nasi, meaning rice, combined with your selection of toppings typically chosen from a buffet
 Yummy Nasi Lemak! - Malaysian Dishes

Yummy Nasi Lemak!


Roti Canai Indian-inspired flatbread made of flour, butter & water eaten as a side or to accompany any number of local dishes
 *Let’s face it – vegetarian dishes are far & few in between in Malaysia, though you can of course order any of the dishes without meat & still enjoy the flavors
Mmmm…more Roti please! - Malaysian Dishes

Mmmm…more Roti please!


Apam Balik Pancake style omelet filled with a combo of sugar, peanuts & corn
Goreng Pisang Caramelised deep-fried banana fritters
Air Tebu Sugarcane juice collected from pushing sugarcane stalks through industrial sized grinders
Durian OK, we’re not really a fan, but if you’ve never tried it, you must give it a go
Durian if you dare! - Malaysian Dishes

Durian if you dare!

Have you been to Malaysia yet? What are your favorite Malaysian dishes?

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