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From Sunrise to Sunset

Check out these top shots from Sunrise to Sunset

On our recent trip on 2-wheels through Vietnam, there were some days where we were literally on our motorbike from sunrise to sunset.

So, we were inspired to reach out to some other travel bloggers to showcase the best from sunrise to sunset pictures around the world!

Check out these beautiful shots from Angkor Wat to the shores of Hawaii. From South Africa to the mountains of Sri Lanka. Which one is your favourite?





Chantell & Darrell met in Siem Reap back in January 2015. So, it comes as no surprise that Cambodia will always hold a special place in their hearts. They even had their first date at Angkor Wat while witnessing this sunrise – a truly magical experience. Get lost in their Pinterest account too at ador4adventure.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Ahhh, Angkor Wat

Ahhh, Angkor Wat



Chris inspires us with this shot taken in Byron Bay, Australia as he was walking back along the beach after an awesome sunset surf session. Great job mate! Be sure to check out Chris doing his thing on YouTube at Backpacker Banter Blog.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Sun, surf & fun in Byron Bay, Australia

Sun, surf & fun in Byron Bay, Australia



This image was taken at Ani Villas on Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. Kristen was in her room, head buried in her computer editing some of the images she’d shot earlier that morning when she noticed the pink sky out of her front porch. This is still one of the most vivid skies with the most calm water she’s experienced on an adventure to date. Always a good image to reflect back on. You can find Kristen’s daily Border Free Travels on Instagram.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Well Thailand, you've done it again

Well Thailand, you’ve done it again



This sunset photo was taken in Boracay – a tiny touristy island in the Philippines. Samantha was at Spider House Resort and had probably what were the best seats in the house. Her and her friend were able to snag a wooden plank turned into a lounger where you can see the ocean below. They watched the sunset whilst eating dinner and drinking some beers. It’s been highly recommended to watch the sunset at Spider House, and it’s easy to see why! The views are absolutely stunning! Stephanie just remembers wondering how many others were seeing the exact same sunset at the exact same time as her. And then she thought how blessed she is to have the ability to travel around Asia as she lives and works in South Korea. Watching the sun set is such a good moment to reflect and to escape from the chaos and distractions of life! Samantha Be sure to follow her on Pinterest at expatandthecity too.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Sunset from Spider House Resort in Boracay

Sunset from Spider House Resort in Boracay


Astra & Laura were traveling around Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. Their last stop was Bentota and all the locals were out just relaxing with their families. They said it was so quiet and peaceful just sitting on the beach watching the sun go down and I can see why. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel too at Following our Feet.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Stunning Bentota, Sri Lanka

Stunning Bentota, Sri Lanka



Melanie took this picture while she was attending a retreat in a wonderful hotel directly at the amazing beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Together with a shaman healer they watched every single morning the sunrise to collect the strong energy of the rising sun and to start their days full of positive thoughts and gratefulness… For more inspiring pictures, tune into Melanie’s Pinterest account at Mela Schillinger.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Feel the sun's energy in Tulum, Mexico

Feel the sun’s energy in Tulum, Mexico


Laura & Max are constantly exploring! After a day on the bike, they were relaxing in the beautiful El Nido, Philippines. What an incredible shot guys! They are just getting started on their website so be sure to check in and say hello!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Love, love, love the Philippines!

Love, love, love the Philippines!



Claire & Dave took this shot along the shore of Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, Bolivia.  They had just gone for a walk along the shore and were lucky enough to catch the sunset whilst they were coming back.  As you can see, it was a great backdrop for the two giant Inca statues so they snapped away. Be sure to link up with them on Pinterest at lovecandd.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Bolivia at its best

Bolivia at its best


Josh & Liz were generous enough to share one of their most favourite sunsets they have encountered while on the road. This sunset shot is unique because it is one that not a lot of people get to see.  It was taken from the porch of one of their friend’s dad’s house on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  It was the view they got to experience on their first night, as they sat outside eating a home cooked meal while enjoying this beautiful sunset.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Hard to beat Maui, Hawaii

Hard to beat Maui, Hawaii



Emily took this sunrise photo in Bagan, Myanmar, one of the most beautiful places in the world in February 2015.  Her and her great friend, Lizzie, were backpacking Myanmar at the time and loved bombing around Bagan on their rickety rental bikes! Be sure to find Emily on Pinterest at seehertravel to for more great photos!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Bagan - one of the most beautiful places in the world

Bagan – one of the most beautiful places in the world


Kim & Rob were on their 8-year delayed honeymoon when they witnessed this breathtaking sunset in Maldives. The sky lit up for them, turning from scarlet red to deep purple. The sun seemed hesitant to set that evening, so they were lucky enough to linger in its beauty for what seemed like hours!

From Sunrise to Sunset - An incredible Maldives sunset

An incredible Maldives sunset



Rachel took this photo at Delray Beach, Florida during a morning walk before work. She was really struggling at the time about whether or not to start her own business and the beauty and peacefulness from this sunrise left her feeling so excited to have flexibility and freedom in her work. Rachel is now a career and business coach, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some direction yourself!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Delray Beach, Florida knows how to turn it on

Delray Beach, Florida knows how to turn it on



Shaun & Petra were also inspired by Vietnam! They wanted to share this amazing sunset they saw while cruising in Bai Tu Long Bay. They were drinking mojitos and enjoying the warm evening air while watching this incredible sunset, and marvelling at the fact that they had hardly seen another tourist boat all day – lucky them! For more sunset pics from their trip, be sure to check out their post about Bai Tu Long Bay.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Bai Tu Long Bay had us at hello

Bai Tu Long Bay had us at hello



How’s this for a sunset! Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Jacqueline and Shannon were on the first day of their National Parks road trip, ending in Glacier, celebrating the US National Park Service’s Centennial, 100th anniversary. Simply amazing!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Wow! Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Wow! Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park


One of Sabine & Sean’s favourite sunset pictures was taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Before continuing their night safari, they stopped in the middle of the bush for some sundowners with wine and snacks. While enjoying the wonderful beauty of the park they were treated with a gorgeous African sunset, with its typical orange glow and camelthorn trees in the background. Be sure to check out Sabine & Sean on Pinterest at thetravellingch too!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Beautiful South Africa

Beautiful South Africa



James and Sarah were enjoying a stunning sunset over the Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Laos. They just sat on a wall, relaxing, and enjoying a couple of Beer Laos after a day exploring and discussing how much they loved Laos. And it’s easy to see why. Follow their journey on Pinterest too at thewholewor0548

From Sunrise to Sunset - Laos - it doesn't get much better than this!

Laos – it doesn’t get much better than this!



Stephanie was on a road trip through the north of Italy and stopped in Venice for the night. It is such a magical and romantic city. While having an evening walk they had the most amazing sunset they have ever seen! Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Magical Italy

Magical Italy



Tanbay & Laura shared this beauty that was taken at sunrise at Angkor Wat earlier this year. Perfection!  Be sure to check these vlogger celebrities out on their YouTube channel at Travelling Weasels.

From Sunrise to Sunset - Love is in the air at Angkor Wat

Love is in the air at Angkor Wat



Two Hearts took this shot on their Sony a6000 at Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan Island in Lombok Indonesia. They had just spent a long day snorkelling and were relaxing the rest for the night on the beach eating good food! Love it!

From Sunrise to Sunset - The beautiful Mushroom Bay in Indonesia

The beautiful Mushroom Bay in Indonesia



The unmistakeable icons of the London skyline were the perfect foil for pinks and purples of dusk on a summer’s day. They were celebrating living a year in London by having dinner at the National Portrait Gallery restaurant. The setting could not have been more perfect. How many famous landmarks can you spot? Katy’s favourite is Lord Nelson looking down from his column onto Trafalgar Square. Be sure to find Katy on Pinterest at untoldmorsels!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Oh London! <3

Oh London! <3



Flo loves Sri Lankan sunrises and sunsets. In her words, they are “otherworldly.”  She has only really managed to catch sunsets during her time there (seriously not a morning person). But being high up in the hills in tea country in Kandy, watching the sunrise over the Knuckles Mountain Range was unmissable. So there she sat at 5am with a cup of hot tea in hand, waiting for the sun to rise over the cascading layers of misty mountaintops. And so it did and, transforming the sky from a dark navy to flurries of pink and blue, it finally cast a warm yellow glow over the sky: seriously spectacular!

From Sunrise to Sunset - Sri Lanka, you were worth the 5am start!

Sri Lanka, you were worth the 5am start!


Not so easy to pick a favourite right? Well, we’re curious, what were some of the standouts for you? Put them in the comments below.

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