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chaungtha beach myanmar

Why you should definitely visit Chaungtha Beach Myanmar

We think everyone should visit Chaungtha Beach Myanmar. Sure, we’ve all dreamed about escaping to a remote island where we could take a break from the crazy world around us. When an island is out of reach, why not head to the next best thing – Myanmar!


Soak up the serenity! - chaungtha beach myanmar

Soak up the serenity!

Enjoy the Burmese culture, people, food, and then take time to explore the beach! Sure, Chaungtha Beach Myanmar doesn’t get the same level of hype Thailand does, but that means they’re not as crowded which is exactly what you want if you’re looking to relax and escape.



  • From Yangon – Catch a bus from Hlaing Thar (also known as Dagon Ayar) bus station. It’s important to note this is a different bus station to the one you would use to visit most other destinations from Yangon. Most buses depart in the morning , so head over and hop on (no need to book in advance).
  • DagonAyar – Located at Pathein St., Dagon Ayar Highway Bus Compound, Kala Kyi Su Ward, HLTA, Myanmar.
  • Distance – Trip takes between 5-6 hours, and roads have many twists and turns, so be sure to take your motion sickness tablets if your sensitive to movement .
  • Price – One-way trips range from 7,000-12,000 kyat ($5-9 USD) depending on bus company and time of year.



  • Hill Garden Hotel – If you want to escape completely, this is the place for you. Set back a short 5-minute walk to the beach, this is your perfect retreat to kick back and completely relax! The team will pick you up from the bus station and take you back when your holiday has come to an end. They have motorbikes for hire on site, offer beautiful buffet and a la carte selections, along with a full service bar.
Enjoy your own private bungalow! - chaungtha beach myanmar

Enjoy your own private bungalow!


  • Shwe Hin Tha – If you want to be a bit closer to the action, look no further than Shwe Hin Tha. Situated directly on the beach and at the bus drop off and pick up point, it couldn’t be more convenient.



Put on your sunscreen and enjoy the beach! - chaungtha beach myanmar

Put on your sunscreen and enjoy the beach!


  • Relax on the White Sand Beach – A short ride from Chaung Tha beach, this stunning stretch of beach is perfect to set up in a chair, grab a coconut and relax.
  • Enjoy Sunset – I always love a good sunset and Chaung Tha does not disappoint. Grab a seat, a drink, and settle in to watch the sun do its thing.
  • Check out the Twin Pagodas – While these are highlighted as a top attraction in the area, you won’t be missing much if you don’t get a chance to check them out. Old and rundown, they leave a lot to desire, but as they have a long history and are prominently featured in various paintings in the area, it won’t hurt to take a stroll down the beach to check them out.
  • Rent a Scooter – Since you will be quite remote, if you do want to get out and explore, you will need to hire a scooter. Luckily, most the hotels have them available on site to rent at affordable rates.
  • Visit Ngwe Saung Beach – Getting from Chaung Tha to Ngwe Saung can be a bit tricky, so ensure you follow these guidelines for a smooth trip.
Get your scooter filled by the youngest gas attendant ever! - chaungtha beach myanmar

Get your scooter filled by the youngest gas attendant ever!



  • Hill Garden Hotel – With an extensive breakfast buffet and a la carte lunch and dinner options, you’re sure to be satisfied with the selection and value.
  • Shwe Hin Tha – Dine in the restaurant or in the bar area overlooking the beach. If you need wifi, the restaurant is your best bet. If you can get away from your devices, head to the beachfront and soak up the atmosphere, which yes, does include some hawkers.
  • Head to Town – Take a walk (30 minutes one way) or ride a scooter (7 minutes each way) in to town to explore the variety of restaurants and shops lining the beach.
  • Fisherman’s Bar –  Located at Bay of Bengal Resort in Ngwe Saung, this is a great place to drop by and watch the world go by. Sit in the shaded verandas and stay cool with the ceiling fans while enjoying a beautiful meal with some refreshing beverages.
Cheers! - chaungtha beach myanmar



  • Bring along some playing cards. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together.
  • Mosquito repellent is crucial.
  • This is the perfect place to get stuck into your favorite book.

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